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Aneta Mašátová

Vrchlického 20, 301 00 Pilsen

+420 720 118 856


2022 - 2023

in 2022

2012 - 2020


since 2018

2018 - 2019

2016 - 2018

2016 - 2018

2015 - 2018

2015 - 2016

2011 - 2014

2004 - 2011

Dance trainer - Dance4Dancers

intensive half a year course focused on dance experiences, finished with practical and theoretical exam, basics of classic dance technique and modern dance, basics of street dance, basics of salsa and bachata, basic psychology, dance history, anatomy basics


First aid

intensive one-day course with practical and theoretical exam


Sports grammar school Pilsen

grammar school knowledge finished with graduation

Twerk, Ladies dance

choreographer, manager and owner of dance classes Dance by Anet, occasionally customised performances, open classes, workshops



dancer, choreographer, manager and owner performance focused group Twerkies Pilsen

2018 - Sportmánie Plzeň, Souboj titánů and many more...

2019 - Sportmánie Plzeň


Hiphop / Street dance

dancer in group TCO dance Pilsen, a lots of competitions and ratings in main age category (adults)



dancer, choreographer and manager in group Twerkies Pilsen, getting ready for new season, communication and making performances, content making and promotion



dancer in group Twerkies (Marta dancenter), various performances, from company parties to sport projects

2017 - Rainbowrun Brno, Rainbowrun Ústí nad Labem and many more...


Disco dance

dancer in group TCO dance Pilsen, many competitions and ratings in main age category (adults)

2015 - Worldcup

1. place small groups

2015 - Czech dance masters

3. place solo Czech championship

2016 - Czech dance masters Czech championship

3. place small groups

2016 - IDO European championship

11. place big formations


Disco dance

dancer in group Unique Pilsen, many competitions and ratings in junior age category

2014 - Czech republic championship,  A solo

1. place small groups

5. place duo

2014 - International dance festival (Vienna), juniors

1. place small groups

9. place big formations

2014 - IDO European championship

18. place solo Disco dance freestyle

2014 - Worldcup, juniors

16. place duo


Disco dance

dancer in group Unique Pilsen (Tučňáci Pilsen), many competitions and ratings in hobby category

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